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How to printing our pages
ost pages within our web site are printable
.  If you are having difficulty printing any page within our web site, please read the following:
Printing the Content of a Page
It should be noted that our web site uses "frames".   This means that each page you view on your screen is made up of multiple pages.   The easiest method to print the actual content of a page is to use the print button that can be found near the bottom of the "page content area" found on most pages.   A sample print button appears next:

Try me...
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Printing Page as Laid Out on Your Screen
Dependent on your browser type, you may be given print options.   Microsoft's® Internet Explorer® browser, for one, gives you the ability to print a page as it appears on your screen.  After clicking on our print button, you will be given the option to print "as laid out on screen".   It is recommended that if you select this option, to change your printer's properties to "landscape" mode.  Doing this will yield a large and more readable "page" in print.

Another method that may be available to your is "Print Screen".   For many systems, using the "Print Scrn" key located on your keyboard will place a graphic image of the entire contents of your screen into a "clipboard".  You will then need to "paste" your clipboard's (or clipboard viewer's) content into a document for print.  Refer to your operating system's "help" area for availability and complete instructions.
Printing Images and Backgrounds
If your printed output does not include all backgrounds and images as seen on your screen, you will need to check your browser's options.  Select "Print background colors and images", if available in your browser.  For further information, please refer to your browser's "help" area.
Netscape Navigator
In order to print a page found in this web site using a Netscape Browser, you must use Version 6.0 or later.  Using older versions will yield an erroneous message, "there is nothing to print".  Netscape has corrected this problem in version 6.0.   If you are a Netscape user on an older browser version and would like to update now, please click on the following:
Get a Copy Netscape Communicator Free!

Update Netscape

Printing Content with Adobe® Acrobat® Reader
Some content within our web site is available in Adobe® Acrobat® Portable Document Format (PDF).  Please refer to your copy of Adobe® Acrobat's® "help" area for information on printing PDF files.  If you do not already have a copy of Adobe® Acrobat® and would like to download a free copy now, please click on the following:
Free Adobe Acrobat Reader

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