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How to navigate our website
his web site is utilizes a user-friendly copyrighted navigation system
.  It's intuitive design will allow you to find information by simple exploration.  If you would like to learn more about how it works or if you are experiencing difficulty navigating our web site, please read the following:
Site Structure
This site utilizes multiple frames viewing.  At the top of your screen (below your browser's toolbars) you will find the "Main Control Panel" buttons (primary topic areas).  Clicking on any of these (except E-Mail) will display that area's respective "Content Menu Buttons" (topics) at the bottom of your screen for the primary topic area you've selected.  The middle of your screen will begin with that area's "Introductory Page".  Pressing any of the topic buttons located near the bottom of your screen will display that topic's information in the main viewing area.  Further text hyperlinks and/or buttons may be found on various pages which either indicate "sub-topics" or provide access to additional information either within or outside of this web site.

It should be noted that this site uses a copyrighted, proprietary navigational system which has been licensed to Assad's Bakery.  Use of this technology either in part or whole other than by its licensees is strictly prohibited by the vendor.
Special Function & Navigation Buttons
To aid you in navigating our web site, special function and navigation buttons have been provided as an integral part of this web site.  The following table is provided to describe the function of each:
Special Function & Navigation Buttons



Toggle Sound "On" or "Off".
Bookmark this Page
Bookmark Page (add to Favorites).
Web Site Help Area
Access Web Site Help Area (this area).
Send Info to Printer
Print Page (not available to Netscape prior to 6.0).
E-Mail Us!
Inquire by E-Mail.
Top of Page
Go to Top Of Page.
Bottom of Page
Go to Bottom of Page.

Up Level

Go Up One Level (e.g.; go from a sub-topic to topic).


Go to Next Topic (if any available).


Go Backward to Previous Topic (if any available).
Color-Coded Text Hyperlinks
Most text hyperlinks (text links to other pages, other content within a page or web sites) are color-coded.   Within this web site, only text hyperlinks will use an underline.  See the following table for color-code:

Text Hyperlink Color-Code



Non-visited* Hyperlink.


Previously Visited Hyperlink.


Active Hyperlink (currently "clicked" hyperlink).
Provided "Locator" Facilities
To help you in locating specific items or to ascertain if an item exists on this web site, we've included both a Table of Content as well as a Search Facility.
Under Construction Areas
You will not encounter any "under construction" pages on this site.

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